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Try these 5 ways to save water at home

Even on the hottest days of summer, there are still ways to save water and cut your water bills. Here are five tips for reducing your water use.

Update water fixtures. Use less water by installing aerators on all household faucets and low-flow showerheads in the bathrooms and save 2,300 to 7,000 gallons of water […]

Apply to $10,000 climate change contest

You don’t need to be a scientist to apply for one of MIT Climate CoLab’s contests. And if you have the next big idea, you could win $10,000.

MIT Climate CoLab is a global, web-based community designed to pool intelligence, a process that is similar to Linux or Wikipedia. The purpose of the contest is to […]

Explore 12 ideas for off-grid and energy-saving vacations

It’s not too late to plan a summer excursion, and there are many ways to minimize your environmental impact ranging from simple energy-saving tips to an off-grid vacation.

Ecotourism is among the fastest-growing segments of the global tourism trade. While travel uses resources, and can harm the environment, it can also assist the environment, benefit local […]

Get the RideKC app to plan & pay for bus

Riding the bus is about to get easier with the new, free RideKC app that lets passengers pay their fare, plan a trip and track a bus or streetcar on a smartphone.

With the new app, customers can use a credit card to purchase fares instead of using exact change. Riders will no longer need to […]

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Recycle your glass with curbside service

If you are looking for a more convenient way to recycle your household or business glass, there are three companies that provide regular curbside pickup service in the Kansas City metro area.

Although most metro cities have curbside recycling for non-glass items, recycling glass has always been an issue because when it breaks it contaminates other […]