• Start planting now with 'winter sowing'

  • Discover native plants with winter appeal

  • Save energy & water doing the dishes


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  • FINAL-Native butterfly milkweed-WEB

Start planting now with ‘winter sowing’

Even in the bitter cold months of winter, you can start planting your spring garden outside using these ideas for […]

  • Dishwashing-unsplash-january-800x670

Save energy & water doing the dishes

When you’re trying to reduce household water and energy use, what are the best ways to tackle the daily task […]

  • yusron-el-jihan-uRUCdOg1Xzo-unsplash

Try these tips to move beyond ‘eco-guilt’

We’ve all experienced eco-guilt at times – whether it’s throwing away excessive plastic packaging or feeling like you aren’t doing […]

  • radon-january-800x550

Find easy, low-cost home radon tests

This time of year most of us spend more time indoors where the risk of exposure to air pollutants, including […]

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