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Advocate for KC Climate Protection & Resiliency Plan

There’s still time to voice your support for Kansas City’s proposed new Climate Protection and Resiliency Plan as it heads to the City Council for a potential vote on Thursday, August 25.

If passed, the plan recommends numerous climate measures to help the metro reach its’ greenhouse gas emission reduction goals of climate neutrality for city operations by 2030 and citywide by 2040. It addresses transportation, energy efficiency, renewable energy, local food, homes and buildings, natural systems, waste reduction and climate justice. It also recommends ways for the city to adapt to flooding, extreme heat and other climate change impacts the community is already facing.

The public is encouraged to send comments to [email protected] or attend the committee meeting at 3 p.m., Wednesday, August 25 on the 26th floor of City Hall, 414 E. 12th St., Kansas City, MO. To participate virtually, go to this link.

See the complete draft proposal at KCMO Climate Protection and Resiliency Plan. Council meetings are open to the public, and comments can be made to [email protected] or through a Sierra Club of Missouri petition of support.

Photo: J. Pellgen / CC

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