Help keep toxic materials out of the landfill by recycling your old computers and e-waste at two free electronic recycling events.

  • Electronics Recycling Event, Kansas City, MO

Central Presbyterian Church will host an Electronics Recycling Event from 9 – 11 a.m. on Saturday, June 5 in the church parking lot at 3501 Campbell St., Kansas City, MO.

At the event, Midwest Recycling Center will accept: computers and networking equipment, cell phones and chargers, HAM and CB radios, and medical, home audio, recording and retail equipment.

Most e-waste recycling is free. There are $5 – $50 fees to recycle CRT monitors and TVs, items containing Freon, and LED/LCD/Plasma/big screen projection TVs. However Central Presbyterian Church will pay the first $2,000 in recycling fees. For a detailed list of accepted items and fees, visit Midwest Recycling Center.

  • Lawrence Electronics Recycling, Lawrence, KS

A Lawrence Electronics Recycling drive-through event will be held from 8:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. on Saturday, June 5 in at the KU Park-N-Ride, Lot 301 at Iowa and Clinton Parkway, Lawrence, KS.

Materials accepted include anything with a cord or battery, including, but not limited to: computers, laptops, monitors, speakers, keyboards, mice, servers, microwaves, TVs, gaming systems, light fixtures, non-PCB ballasts, stereos, radios, phones, audio/visual equipment, lab equipment, cables, battery backup systems, small appliances, CDs, VHS and cassette tapes.

The event will not accept fire alarms, smoke detectors, thermometers, light bulbs, PCB ballasts, alkaline batteries, chemicals of any kind especially hazardous waste, tires, furniture, large appliances and devices containing Freon. CRT TVs will be accepted for a fee: $15 per unit 19″ or smaller; $30 per unit 20″ or greater.

Electronic recycling will be provided by Teknix Solutions. More information is available at Douglas County, KS.

Photo: Joshua Barash / CC