During Plastic Free July, people in Kansas City and around the globe are saying no to single-use plastic.

Find out how you can reduce plastic this July by taking the Pesky Plastics Quiz.

The 5-minute quiz, created by Plastic Free July, walks you through your daily consumer choices to reflect on what you are already doing to reduce plastic, and to help you identify new opportunities.

Plastic Free July is an annual global pledge to reduce plastic and see the power of collective action. More than 120 million people worldwide have already committed to reducing their disposable plastic use during July and beyond. 

The quiz also helps track the success of the pledge and identifies trends in household plastic use. In 2022, the quiz showed that 88% of people made changes that became habits choosing to refuse single-use plastic after the month of July.

You can sign up for the pledge and take the Pesky Plastics Quiz at plasticfreejuly.org.