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Hop on an electric bike with RideKC Bike

New electric bikes will soon be rolling out on Kansas City streets through RideKCBike, a unique ride sharing partnership with RideKC and Drop Mobility.

This new system will ultimately result in 150 e-assist bikes with a feature app-based, “lock-to” technology that will work alongside the existing bike share system. Using a smartphone app, a user locates a bike near them and […]

Get better fuel economy when it’s cold

As the weather dips below freezing, your gas mileage can drop as much as 22 percent for a gas-powered vehicle and 34 percent for a hybrid or electric vehicle.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), cold weather affects your vehicle in more ways than you might expect. For example:

It takes longer for your engine […]

Get reimbursed for rain gardens, barrels & more

If you own property in Johnson County, you can receive up to a 50-percent refund for all Contain the Rain projects you install in your landscape to help improve water quality.

Sustainable landscape projects that qualify for the refund include:

Rain barrels
Rain gardens
Native plants

To encourage property owners to use best practices for stormwater management, Johnson County […]

Volunteer to plant trees in the city

Help the Heartland Tree Alliance plant more trees in the metropolitan area by becoming a volunteer for a fall event.

Volunteers are needed to help plant at Pleasant Valley Park, 6401 NE Pleasant Valley Road, Kansas City, MO and the Timber Hill Neighborhood at 105 E. 125th Place, Kansas City, MO. Depending on the project , […]

KC cuts greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent

The city of Kansas City, MO has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent below year 2000 levels, surpassing its goal of a 30-percent reduction by 2020, according to a new KCMO Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory Update.

“The achievement of surpassing the city’s goal of reducing GHG emissions from municipal operations is a major milestone […]