StoneLion Puppet Theatre’s new handmade parade celebrates the planet

Join StoneLion Puppet Theatre in a creative new spectacle for our amazing planet. The first-ever handmade parade invites the community to take to the streets in costume and masks alongside its famous giant puppets with street bands, hand-pulled floats, and art. The event culminates in a vibrant dance party and water festival that celebrates our only […]

Chop down a Callery pear, get a free replacement tree

With their white blooms, Callery pear trees are most obvious this time of year. This highly invasive tree threatens native wildlife and causes difficulties for private and public landowners.

Homeowners are invited to cut down their Callery pears and receive a free, non-invasive tree at upcoming buy-back events in the Kansas City & Northeast Kansas areas.

Deep […]

April 9th, 2023|Conservation, Trees|0 Comments

What’s wrong with Bradford pears?

Once considered popular spring flowering trees, Bradford pear trees are now invasive and crowding out the native plants that pollinators depend on.

The Callery pear, and its’ cultivar Bradford, is a species native to China and Vietnam. The tree was introduced in the 1960s and widely planted in urban and suburban areas. It’s known for its’ stinky white […]

Bald eagles have landed, here’s how to see these amazing birds

If you’ve made it your new year’s resolution to spend more time outdoors, exercise more, or even to find more calm, look no further than bald eagle viewing season. January offers some of the best views of bald eagles in Missouri and Kansas. 

Here are viewing locations and upcoming events near Kansas City to see these amazing […]

January 4th, 2023|Birds, Conservation, Event, Hiking, Nature, Water, Wildlife|3 Comments

What’s the most eco-friendly Christmas tree?

Before the Thanksgiving turkey heads into the oven, many of you will be thinking about putting up a Christmas tree. To be eco-friendly — should it be real, artificial or something else?

Most experts agree a real Christmas tree is more eco-friendly than artificial, but both come with environmental impacts.

Choose zero-waste

For a truly zero-waste option, […]