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Get up to $500 on fast home EV charging

If you own, lease or plan to get an electric vehicle (EV) soon, you could qualify for up to $500 in rebates to install faster EV charging that could also save money on your energy bill.

Evergy customers in Missouri and Kansas can qualify for up to a $500 rebate for upgrading from a standard 110-volt outlet (level 1) to a 240-volt outlet (level 2) or a hard-wired EV charging station. The upgraded charging will fuel an EV about five times faster than a standard outlet. For example, level 1 charging can take eight hours to fuel 40 miles of range compared to 1.5 hours for level 2 charging.

In addition to the rebates, customers could save on energy costs because the 240-volt charging is up to 15-percent more energy efficient than a standard 110-volt plug, according to Evergy.

To qualify for a rebate, first customers need to currently own or lease an EV registered at the address where the installation will occur. Next, a licensed electrician needs to install a 240-volt NEMA 14-50 outlet or hardwired charging station and provide an installation receipt. Kansas customers can double their rebate to $500 by enrolling an Time of Use Plan (TOU) plan.  Otherwise, they receive $250. Missouri customers are required to enroll in Evergy’s TOU plan to receive a rebate. A TOU plan offers additional electricity rate discounts when energy is used during off-peak times. Since most people charge their EV at night, the electricity rates would be lower. The final step is to apply for the rebate within six months of installation.

In Missouri, grid-tied solar customers are not eligible for the Time of Use Plan, so they do not qualify for the rebate. However, Kansas grid-tied solar customers are not required to enroll in TOU. So, they have the option of receiving a $250 rebate without TOU enrollment.

For more information, visit Evergy EV Charging Rebate.

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