Discover one-stop shopping for greener living.

Babies & Children

  • Avishi Organics

    Avishi Organics develops certified organic, therapeutic skin care products for babies and pregnant/post-partum mothers that are free from toxic chemicals.
  • has a wide selection of cloth diapers, including organic diapers, swim diapers and accessories.
  • Green Kids Crafts

    Green Kids Crafts makes a great gift of creative, eco-friendly, science, technology, engineering and math activities delivered in a monthly subscription box.
  • Natural Baby Company

    The Natural Baby Company offers all-natural baby products, including cloth diapers, pacifiers, carriers, wraps, feeding products and toys.

Climate Change

  • Climate Council of Greater Kansas City

    Climate Council of Greater KC works toward a world of just, sustainable communities, living in harmony with the earth’s natural systems.

Environmental Resources

  • Bridging The Gap’s Green Business Network

    Phone: 816-561-1087

    Bridging The Gap’s Green Business Network educates businesses on ways to operate that protect natural resources and save money.

Financial Services

  • First Affirmative Financial Network

    Phone: 913-432-4958

    First Affirmative Financial Network is a management service for investors interested in socially and environmentally responsible funds.
  • UMB Bank, n.a.

    1010 Grand Blvd.
    Kansas City, MO
    Phone: 816-860-7000

    UMB is a financial services company known for its wide-range of banking and investment products, and its commitment to the community. Member FDIC

Green Jobs

  • Greenability Job Network

    The Greenability Job Network offers a free, online search service for job seekers, and a targeted, affordable place for companies to post jobs.

Greeting Cards

  • Posty Cards

    1600 Olive St.
    Kansas City, MO
    Phone: 816-231-2323

    Featuring Sustainable Sentiments, locally grown, green greeting cards. Build client and employee relationships with environmentally inspired cards for birthdays, holidays and other occasions.

Hair & Skin Care

  • Just Natural Products

    Just Natural Products uses natural ingredients to create 150 hair and skin care products without animal ingredients or animal testing.
  • Love Goodly

    Love Goodly lets customers sample eco-friendly, natural, vegan, beauty, skincare and wellness products in a monthly subscription service.

Home Improvement

  • Urban Lumber Company

    7200 U.S. 40 Hwy.
    Kansas City, MO
    Phone: 816-797-2602

    Urban Lumber Company specializes in the production of beautiful, local, live-edge slabs for furniture and architectural building.

Household Goods

  • ECOlunchbox

    ECOlunchbox offers reusable lunch boxes, snack containers and more to transform lunch and snacking into a plastic-free and waste-free activity.

Interior Design

  • CJI Design Group

    33490 Lexington Ave.
    De Soto, KS 66018
    Phone: 785-380-9929
    CJI Design Group

    CJI Design Group develops unique, sustainable interiors that build strong connections for our clients with our innovative turn-key approach.


  • Eco Washer

    EcoWasher is an ozone-powered washer that does not use hot water, laundry detergent, bleach, or fabric softener to clean clothes.

Lawn & Garden

  • Deep Roots

    Phone: 816-301-7545

    Deep Roots, formerly Kansas City Native Plant Initiative, is committed to collaborative, regenerative relationships between native plant landscapes and heartland communities.
  • Mad Hatter Compost Tea

    4819 Holly St.
    Kansas City, MO
    Phone: 816-309-0655

    Mad Hatter Compost Tea is scientifically proven to be the perfect organic soil amendment for lawns, gardens and corporate landscapes.
  • Missouri Organic

    7700 E. 40 Hwy.
    Kansas City, MO 64129
    Phone: 816-483-0908

    Missouri Organic provides a customer drop-off location for green waste, and produces all-natural, Nature Wise Compost that is weed-seed free.
  • Powell Gardens

    Kansas City's Botanical Garden
    1609 NW US HWy. 50
    Kingsville, MO
    Phone: 816-697-2600

    Explore acres of beautiful gardens, including the Heartland Harvest Garden — the nation’s largest edible landscape. Enjoy events/classes for all ages.

Litter Removal

  • Adopt-A-Highway Litter Removal Service of America

    Phone: 800-540-8694

    Sponsor-A-Highway and receive promotional signage. We take away trash, you take all the recognition. Be Seen as we Clean.


  • Buy Back World

    Keep reusable electronics out of the landfill by selling your cell phone, tablet, laptops, desktops, cameras and gaming console.
  • MARC Solid Waste Management

    600 Broadway, Suite 200
    Kansas City, MO
    Phone: 816-474-8326
    Contact: Matt Riggs, Outreach Coordinator is the Kansas City metro area's one-stop spot for recycling, reuse and waste reduction information.

Renewable Energy

  • Missouri Sun Solar

    Phone: 855-464-6786

    Missouri Sun Solar is ranked among the top solar installers in the state by Solar Power World magazine. It specializes in residential and commercial installations.


  • The Resilient Activist

    Phone: 816-919-3311

    The Resilient Activist offers community-building & stress-relief programming because the world needs visionary activists with the resilience to see us through the climate crisis.


  • Re.Use.Full

    Phone: 816-612-1132

    Re.Use.Full encourages simple, sustainable living by connecting donors with gently used items to the people, pets and nonprofits that need them.

Solar-Powered Products

  • Earthtech Products

    Earthtech Products offers a wide array of solar panels, chargers, backpacks flashlights, radios, water fountains, lighting and outdoor gear.
  • GoSun Stove

    Cook a sun-powered, fuel-free meal in 20 minutes, reaching temperatures over 550°F even under cloudy skies with GoSun Sport Stove.
  • Real Goods

    Since 1978, Real Goods has been offering solar equipment and products to power off-grid lifestyles, homesteading, camping and energy conservation.


  • Kansas City Area Transportation Authority

    1200 E. 18th
    Kansas City, MO 64108
    Phone: 816-346-0200

    Call 816-221-0660 or visit or for regional bus route service provided by The Metro (KCATA), The JO (Johnson County Transit), Unified Government Transit (Wyandotte County, KS) and IndeBus (Independence, MO).
  • RideshareKC

    Phone: 816-842-RIDE(7433)

    Find easy alternatives to driving alone with RideshareKC. You’ll save money, de-stress your commute and help improve our air quality.