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Break free from the smartphone upgrade cycle

By Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss, EarthTalk
Extending the lifespan of your smartphone can help decrease e-waste and carbon emissions
Smartphones have certainly become ubiquitous, with 85% of Americans and 67% of adults worldwide possessing one. Manufacturers sell almost 1.5 billion of them per year. And every year these manufacturers come out with upgraded models to lure […]

September 27th, 2023|Climate Change, Electronic recycling, Energy|0 Comments

Take the Green Commute Challenge

Challenge yourself and your community to bike, walk, carpool, vanpool, scooter, or ride transit to work this fall for Kansas City’s Green Commute Challenge, October 1 – 31.

The free, annual challenge encourages individuals and workplaces to find alternatives to driving for daily work commutes.

Throughout the month of October, participants record green commute trips to earn […]

What Are Heat Pump Air Conditioners?

By Alejandra Mejia Cunningham and Alex Hillbrand, Natural Resources Defense Council

They’re way more efficient and cost-effective than standard ACs. Even better, they double as carbon-slashing heating systems.

The world recently experienced its hottest month on record. And with climate change fueling increasingly routine heat waves across the map, leaving a worrisome trail of health emergencies and deaths, keeping […]

September 20th, 2023|Climate Change, Energy, Energy Efficiency, Green Energy, Green Homes|1 Comment

Declutter & do good at Un-Dumpster Days

If it’s time to get rid of extra stuff at home, round up your unwanted — but still usable — household items, electronics and clothing, and donate everything to charities at Un-Dumpster Day.

Re.Use.Full, a website that connects your used items with non-profit organizations that can rehome them, is hosting two upcoming Un-Dumpster Days in Kansas City, KS on […]

Catch the monarch butterfly migration this fall

By Ginny Varraveto, contributed by Johnson County Extension 

Did you know that each fall the Kansas City area has the chance to witness one of North America’s most incredible natural phenomena?

From August through November, millions of monarch butterflies migrate through the region on the way to Mexico. It is the final leg of a multigenerational relay of […]