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Join a Birdathon to support Audubon Society

Enjoy spring birding by volunteering with the Burroughs Audubon Society to count birds during its annual Birdathon through May 22.

Like a walkathon, two or more people can form a team. Each team secures pledges or donations for every bird they count. Then, each team meets at favorite locations within a 100-mile range of Kansas City to record bird sightings and vocalization. The goal is to record as many birds as possible within a 24-hour-period.

Within the birding period of April 15 to May 22, each team can bird up to 24 hours, record their sightings or vocalizations and turn in their donations. There are different levels of Birdathon participation. Some teams may count birds for 24 hours, while others may make it a casual and social activity by birding only a few. Birdathon teams can even be made up of beginners or children. Both can attend a Burroughs Audubon field trip and add the birds that they see to their Birdathon list.

For a complete list of birding field trips that are open to the public during the spring migration season, visit

There is a $5 entry fee per team member. Pledges and donations support youth birding education through the Burroughs Audubon Society. To request a pledge sheet or more information, contact Sara Scheil at [email protected] or Christine Kline at 816-540-3515 or [email protected].

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