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Let kids plug in to new nature story time

A new online Nature Stories Around the World launches today with videos of children’s nature stories being read by a biologist and environmental expert.

Margo Farnsworth, author and biomimicry expert and educator, started the new online experience for children and their parents with the help of Sami Aaron, executive director of the non-profit, the Resilient Activist. Their goal was to develop a free, online resource with children’s nature books read aloud and accompanied by videos of the book pages.

The books are geared for children ages 4 to 10, and the site offers a reading list and nature activities to help kids connect with nature. Farnsworth said she originally envisioned this project to teach young people about biomimicry, a practice used by designers, engineers and biologists to mimic strategies nature uses to work smarter and more sustainably. But the concept was expanded to help children discover a deeper connection with nature.

“Recent studies have shown the valuable benefits of a deep nature connection to children’s emotional and physical well-being,” said Aaron. “These delightfully illustrated books, read lovingly by Margo Farnsworth, give parents, educators, and health professionals an easy and accessible way to share the joys of the natural world with a younger audience.”

Find story videos, nature reading lists and nature-inspired activities at The Resilient Activist.

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Margo Farnsworth
1 year ago

Love it! Thanks so much!! We’re so excited to reach kids everywhere!