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The city of Kansas City, MO wants to know how climate change is and will impact you and what actions the city should take now to become carbon neutral, equity focused and resilient by 2040.

In 2020, the K.C. City Council passed Resolution 200005 directing the city to update the 2008 Climate Protection Plan to include new greenhouse gas reduction goals, resiliency and equity. The result will be a Climate Protection and Resiliency Plan that details strategies to reduce Kansas City’s contribution to climate change, and offers ways to adapt to the climate-related impacts that are already occurring.

City officials want to hear from citizens in the “Listen and Learn” phase. How is climate change impacting you and your family? What are your biggest concerns? What do you think the city is doing well and what should leaders be doing now to make K.C. more resilient?

To participate and share your story, visit the KC Climate Protection & Resiliency Plan Playbook.

If your group or organization would like to request a presentation, host a listening session or share climate related community events and activities,  email the K.C. Office of Environmental Quality at [email protected].

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Kimberly Bledsoe
Kimberly Bledsoe
2 years ago

A small start would be to let this man keep his butterfly garden, and encourage other residents to plant their own, fill vacant lots and overgrown spaces with native plants = carbon sequestration and alleviate storm water runoff.

Another huge concern is food insecurity. The same spaces I mentioned could also be used to grow food.