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WaterOne pump station now powered by solar

A new 100 kW solar array is now powering the WaterOne Lamar Pump Station in Overland Park, KS.

Pump stations require more power during hot summer months as customer water usage increases, which is also the time of year when the solar array will be at its highest energy production.

WaterOne partnered with Evergy by granting space at the pump station, located near 91st and Lamar, to construct and operate the solar array to help offset the energy required to power the facility. The solar array is owned and operated by Evergy.

The cooperative solar partnership is believed to be the first of its kind in Johnson County, KS. The array is also one of the largest in the county for this type of installation, according to Evergy.

“This solar project reflects WaterOne’s commitment to being good stewards of our environment,” said WaterOne General Manager Shaun Pietig. “We’re proud to collaborate with our regional utility partners in the energy sector towards our shared goal of a more sustainable future.”

The pump station and underground reservoir facilities supply water storage for neighborhoods throughout northeast Johnson County, and the site also provides critical infrastructure support for local firefighting and emergency response capabilities.

The Lamar Pump Station solar array project follows other recent efforts by WaterOne to diversify its energy portfolio. WaterOne was an early supporter of community renewable energy programs from its energy providers, Evergy and BPU, allowing WaterOne to purchase cost-effective renewable energy from solar and wind farms in our region.

WaterOne is also looking ahead to other innovative energy projects, including an anticipated hydropower facility located near WaterOne’s water intake on the Kansas River.

WaterOne was recognized as Climate Registered™ Gold Status by the Climate Registry for establishing an inventory of carbon emission volumes and sources produced through its operations, and it was also awarded the Sustainable Water Utility Management Award by the Association for Metropolitan Water Agencies (AMWA) for demonstrating leadership in environmental sustainability.

To learn more about its sustainability efforts, visit


Lead photo: The recently completed Evergy solar array project was celebrated by WaterOne as well as representatives from Evergy. Photo courtesy of WaterOne.

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