• Could there be a climate-change crisis in Cowtown?

  • Follow a bicyclist on monarch migration

  • Get more free native plants by dividing them

  • Volunteer to clean up Blue River Watershed


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  • FINAL-Climate change-WEB

Could there be a climate-change crisis in Cowtown?

What can Kansas City expect and how can it become more resilient as the climate continues to change, bringing stronger […]

  • FINAL-Monarch tagged-WEB

Help scientists track monarch migration

Sign up for Monarch Mania or Monarch Magic and learn how to tag butterflies so scientists can track their migration […]

  • FINAL-EV plugged in-WEB

Plug into Electric Drive Week to see new & vintage EVs

Tap into the plug-in experiences of electric vehicle (EV) owners and check out their cars at more than 200 locations during National […]

  • FINAL-GNF plant sale-WEB

Refresh your garden at Fall Native Plant Sale

Fall is a great time to plant natives in the garden that will attract butterflies, pollinators and wildlife. For locally grown […]

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