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45 ways to relax this Labor Day weekend

Labor Day can be a busy travel and shopping weekend marking the end of summer, but what if it could be relaxing too?

The holiday pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers and labor movements. In a society driven by productivity and consumerism, the holiday is also a good time to slow down, unplug, and recharge.

Things to do outside

1. Go on a sunset or sunrise hike

2. Read in a hammock

3. Try rollerblading or skating

4. Take the bikes out for a long bike ride

5. Take a day trip to a nearby state park

6. Rent a canoe or kayak

7. Try a new outdoor sport like pickleball

8. Visit a botanical garden

9. Go for a walk on a shady path

10. Play on the swings

11. Plant a garden

12. Visit a city park

13. Play disc golf

14. Go fishing

15. Go to the farmers market

16. Tube down a river

17. Spend a long morning on your porch

18. Pick up litter

19. Go camping

Self-care activities

20. Do yoga in the park

21. Meditate

22. Make a vision board

23. Try a new healthy recipe

24. Do a face mask

25. Preserve your summer harvest

26. Try a cold shower

27. Practice deep breathing

28. Get sunlight in the mornings

29. Start a habit you’ve been putting off

30. Discover a new podcast and learn something new

31. Enjoy some alone time

Social activities

32. Plan a picnic

33. Have a tea party

34. Go for a phone-free date

35. Bake something for your neighbors

36. Host a game night

37. Have a backyard party

38. Go on a camping trip

39. Reach out to an old friend

Creative things to do

40. Visit the library for new fiction, cookbooks, gardening books, etc.

41. Restore a piece of furniture

42. Learn to knit or crochet

42. Repurpose something at home

43. Try mending your clothes

44. Paint or draw

45. DIY something for a gift



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