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Apply to become an EPA Green Intern

Recent college graduates can get environmental work experience in a new EPA Green Intern Program.

Beginning September 30, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is establishing the Green Interns Program to train candidates for full-time EPA positions nationwide. Throughout the program, interns will receive mentoring, formal interactive training and an Individual development plan. After completing the program, they may be converted into permanent federal employees.

Potential candidates must have earned associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, professional, doctorate, vocational or technical degrees or certificates from qualifying institutions and programs within the previous two years. Veterans are eligible to apply up to six years after completing their degree or certificate. Participants will receive federal benefits.

For more information, contact Piyachat Terrell at [email protected] or 202-564-1856. Learn more about the Green Interns Program.

Photo: U.S. EPA

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