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Apply for Green Neighborhood Awards

Neighborhoods across the metro are stepping up their sustainability programs, and Kansas City wants to reward them for their efforts.

The City of Kansas City, MO is looking for neighborhoods that are working to be more environmentally friendly by reducing solid waste, air pollution and stormwater runoff while helping homeowners increase energy efficiency and access to locally grown foods. The top efforts will be rewarded in the KC Green Neighborhood Recognition Program.


In 2014, the Pendleton Heights neighborhood was an award winner for its community garden, community orchard, street tree plantings, a scooter club, cycling efforts including Cliff Drive recreation and bike racks, curbside compost managed by Jerusalem Farm, curbside glass recycling managed by neighborhood volunteers, multiple residents with backyard chickens and residents with front-yard edible gardens.

Additional neighborhoods that received the certification in 2014 include Ivanhoe, Avalon View and Center City.

Those neighborhoods that are awarded a KC Green Neighborhood designation are provided the following benefits:

  • The neighborhood and its sustainable practices will be highlighted in the city’s bi-annual publication and posted on the KC Green webpage.
  • KC Green street sign toppers will be given to all winning neighborhoods.
  • Residents will be provided free access to clinics and workshops on various sustainable topics.
  • The neighborhood will receive eco-friendly gifts that could include rain barrels, recycle bins, reusable grocery bags, an electric lawn mower and garden tools.

The City of Kansas City, MO administers the application and awards process. Applications are due by 5 p.m., June 15 and can be emailed to [email protected] or mailed to City of Kansas City, MO, Office of Environmental Quality, 414 E. 12th St., Suite 2404, Kansas City, MO 64106

The award selection team may visit neighborhoods to observe and document sustainable practices identified in the application.

For more information on the KC Green Neighborhood Recognition Program, visit, email [email protected] or call Colleen Doctorian at 816-513-1377.

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