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Bistro Kids makes healthy food that tastes good

Squash, zucchini, sausage pizza and Greek salad are on the menu today at… school!

Bistro Kids, a Kansas City business, works in seven KC Metro schools to prepare lunches. Each school has its own chef who coordinates its menu.

Bistro Kids specializes in using locally-sourced products and preparing meals from scratch for each school day.

“Local foods are the freshest product available, ” said Shad Schmutz, Bistro Kids executive head chef at Bishop Ward High School.

Schmutz and Bistro Kids recently catered a Greenability event using local foods from Good Natured Family Farms. On our menu? Local melons, mini pumpkin pies, squash soup and free range chicken quiche.

Schmutz has been in the restaurant and catering business for over 15 years. He said his philosophy on using local and healthy foods matched perfectly with Bistro Kids.

What’s on the menu next week? It may just depend on what’s available locally. Find out more at

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