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Celebrate a “green” Halloween

Spooky sounds, scary costumes and eerie shadows… Halloween is nearly here! Try a few of these environmentally friendly ideas to chase away air pollution.


  • Jack-o’-lanterns are classic holiday décor. Buy one from a local pumpkin patch if you can, and toast the seeds for a healthy and delicious snack. If carving pumpkins year after year is more chore than fun, buy a ceramic one that you can reuse next year.
  • String up LED or solar-powered lights. Lots of people like to set the mood with orange and green lights. Consider LED lights, which last longer and use a fraction of the energy that traditional lights use. Using less energy is good for your wallet and it helps reduce local air pollution.


  • The makeup makes the monster. Lots of people choose to make their own costume with second hand clothing and skillful application of makeup and hair dye. Eco-friendly makeup lets you rest easy when you see it all going down the drain. And don’t underestimate simple techniques, like a handful of baby powder for a junior Albert Einstein.
  • Choose a kid-friendly carryall. When it comes to hauling all those treats home, reusable canvas bags win over plastic or paper for safety and environmental reasons. Buy your own blank bags and decorate them with non-toxic paint — they’re sure to be an annual highlight.


  • Walk from house to house. Don’t creep from house to house in a vehicle, wasting gas and rumpling your costume. Select a safe neighborhood and plan a walking route. You’ll burn calories and ensure that the kids get a chance to burn off any sugar!
  • Keep your kids visible with battery-free flashlights. There are a number of options, from rechargeable LED flashlights to emergency flashlights that operate using kinetic energy. Stay visible and don’t trip over the sidewalk crack in the dark.
  • Trunk-or-Treating? Be sure to turn off your car engine! Exhaust contains powerful pollutants that can affect your child’s health.


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