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Share signs of Spring with Greenability

All around us, dormant life is re-emerging to offer hope and a little enjoyment during a difficult time. At Greenability, we invite you to share your Spring photos with us and our readers.

Just take a pic with your phone and email it to [email protected]. Let us know the name of the plant and if you want your name and city listed with your photo. We’ll share them at the end of this blog post, or you can post them on social media using #Greenability.

Above is Tina Moessner’s video of bees feasting on the pollen from a native redbud tree in Kansas City, MO. The top photo of a blooming cherry tree comes from publisher Julie Koppen’s Kansas City, MO backyard where she enjoys picking, pitting and eating the cherries.



(Above) Leslie Mark of Mission Hills, KS shared this viburnum bloom, which only lasted 24 hours before a big, windy, rain storm hit. It’s all a sure sign of Midwestern Spring.

Spring-Melissa Martin

(Above) Wild violets can be found in Jessica Beesley’s yard in Kansas City, MO.

Tulips-Melissa Martin


(Above) Gretchen Siemers share tulips from her garden in Kansas City, MO.

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