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This year, Americans will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, and in Kansas City the 2020 Earth Festival will be transformed into live and interactive online events in response to the threat of COFID-19.

Organizers decided to change Earth Festival to a new EF20Online event to provide a safe way for participants to engage with climate issues and avoid coronavirus. Events will be scheduled for April 18 – 26, with specific times to be announced.

These events are scheduled for:

Additional topics to be scheduled include:

  • Building a home forest: Reversing global warming yard by yard
  • The fight for our future: Addressing climate change policy and individual responsibility
  • Climate-smart Living: Creating a plastic-free, zero-waste, climate-smart community
  • Reversing global warming: Greenhouse gas reduction and sequestration
  • Sustainable fashion: The environmental impact of what we wear
  • Mother Earth Is on fire: What to do
  • Making the case for the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (HR763)
  • Sustainable food: The environmental impact of what we eat
  • Beyond composting: How to creatively repurpose your food to give it a second (and third!) life
  • Climate change & social equity: The intersection of climate, homelessness and creating sustainable communities
  • From waste to justice: A new social and environmental paradigm
  • Sustainable mobility: The environmental impact of how we get there
  • Soil, plants, water and climate resilience: You can’t have one without the others
  • The alchemy of compost: How 2+2 = 9 if you let it

The online festival is sponsored by Climate Council of Greater Kansas City and its partners.

Photo: Kevin Gill / CC

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Rita Norton
Rita Norton
4 years ago

Every speaker should at least mention (preferably discuss) the fact that this virus is likely connected to habitat disruption/destruction.