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Where to eat local food this summer

There’s no better time to eat local food than this summer. Markets, restaurants, and farms are serving up delicious, locally grown fare at peak season.

Where can you find local food across the city? Look no further than Eat Local KC. The project maintains the website that links to a regional map of farmers, restaurants, grocery stores, farmers markets, and community partners.

Whether you are looking for a nice farm-to-table night out, ingredients for a pizza night, flowers, burgers for the grill, or veggies for summer salads, the map can help you choose among the 62 farms and food producers, 43 restaurants, 19 grocers, and 16 farmers markets that are currently listed.

The map also features KC Food Circle farmers who pledge to never use synthetic pesticides or chemicals to grow their food.

Eat Local KC was created in partnership with several organizations working together to build relationships within the local food system, to increase local food purchasing in institutions, and to help beginning farmers and seasoned growers create opportunities to sell local food.

It’s peak season to enjoy fresh food with community, and in support of our local farmers. So, what are you cooking up this summer? It’s time to eat!

Find the Eat Local KC map at


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