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Electric bike raffle supports the Missouri Solar Energy Industries Association

The Missouri Solar Energy Industries Association (MOSEIA) is announcing an online fundraiser to help support its efforts. MOSEIA’s mission is to strengthen and expand the solar industry and establish a sustainable energy future for all Missourians.

The fundraiser includes the raffle of an electric bike. The E3 Vibe is equipped with a powerful Currie Electro-Drive system that provides plenty of torque to pull you up a long hill or through a headwind. Powered by a sealed lead acid (SLA) battery pack that can easily be removed for charging or swapping, the E3 Vibe can travel 15-22 miles with normal pedaling or about 10-15 miles with little or no pedaling, at speeds of 15+ mph. The bike is valued at $1,050.

Ticket Prices: $75 each for less than 10 tickets, $650 for 10, $925 for 15 and $1,150 for 20 tickets.

Tickets will be sold through Sept. 30, 2014.  After October 1, 2014, a winner will be randomly selected from the purchased tickets.  The bike can be picked up in St. Louis, MO or shipped ready to ride anywhere in the continental United States at no charge to the winner. Tickets can be purchased online or by mailing a check to MOSEIA – P.O. Box 434040, Saint Louis, MO 63143. If you have questions contact MOSEIA at 314.677.4076 or [email protected].

To learn more about the work of MOSEIA or to enter into the raffle, visit MOSEIA.

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