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EnergyWorks KC offers financing incentives to aid energy efficiency improvements

EnergyWorks KC (EWKC) provides financing incentives to assist home and business owners as they implement energy efficiency improvements. These incentives include rebates, an interest rate subsidy, and revolving loan funds with super low interest rates.

“We’re pleased to offer a financing program in Kansas City that helps make investing in energy efficient improvements very easy and affordable,” said Jenifer Degen, contract manager for the EWKC program.

Homeowners can receive a maximum rebate of $1,000 from EWKC, which can be combined with as much as $1,200 from the local utilities while resources are available. Business owners can receive a maximum rebate of $3,000 from EWKC, which can also be coupled with other resources.

EWKC provides participating home and business owners with individualized energy efficiency upgrade recommendations based on an energy analysis. Program participants then move forward in selecting local, certified professionals to implements the cost-effective upgrades. Customers can use the financing incentives to make such improvements more affordable. Although improvements very depending on the property, many have included additional insulation, air sealing, duct sealing, heating and cooling system upgrades and lighting improvements.

Interested home and business owners can learn more by calling 816-531-SAVE or visiting

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