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Evergy seeks $42-million in energy savings for Kansans

Evergy has proposed an energy-efficiency package that would provide Kansas residents and businesses with an estimated $42-million in energy-efficiency savings, with $13 million for low-income and rural customers.

The proposal for nine core residential and business energy-efficiency programs for its’ Kansas customers was presented to the Kansas Corporation Commission on December 17. If approved, Evergy estimates the following energy savings over four years:

  • 325,693 MWh of annual energy savings
  • 39,000 homes could be powered with the energy saved
  • Reduced emissions would be equivalent to 45,000+ cars taken off the road
  • $22-million in investments in small business and non-profits
  • 30+ direct jobs and additional indirect jobs would be created
  • $42-million in residential customer energy-efficiency incentives and savings

Evergy also is preparing to ask the Missouri Public Service Commission to extend the package of energy-efficiency programs currently being offered to Evergy’s Missouri customers.

“As energy-efficiency products and technologies continue to evolve, Evergy wants to provide energy solutions to help Kansas customers with their energy efficiency needs,” said Chuck Caisley, Evergy senior vice president and chief customer officer. “We’ve been able to offer similar successful programs in Missouri and believe Kansas customers will embrace having choices that help them manage their energy costs.”

A 2021 Wichita State University study showed that Evergy’s Kansas customers want their utility to offer energy-efficiency programs. As the first Missouri utility to offer customer energy savings, Evergy has helped more than 370,000 residents and 8,000 businesses save energy.

In Missouri, Evergy plans to ask to extend its 11 current programs with enhancements for one additional year through 2023. Some of the current programs include home energy audits, programmable thermostats, rebates for efficient lighting and other efficiency upgrades, Evergy has helped save customers more than 1-billion kilowatt hours of electricity since 2013. Missouri customers have seen more than $2 of benefit for each dollar spent toward energy-efficiency programs. Extension of these programs is expected to bring another $23-million of net benefits to Evergy’s Missouri customers, according to Evergy.

“Customers want more ways to manage their energy and save money,” said Caisley. “The goal for our energy-efficiency programs is to offer more innovative and personalized solutions that give customers more choices.”

The Kansas programs are proposed to start in January 2023 if approved by the Kansas Corporation Commission in summer 2022. In Missouri, Evergy has requested a decision from the Missouri Public Service Commission by spring 2022.

The programs are proposed under the Kansas Energy Efficiency Investment Act (KEEIA), which was passed by the Kansas Legislature and became effective on July 1, 2014. A similar law in Missouri has helped customers save millions of dollars in energy costs since programs began in 2013. Evergy serves approximately 1.6 million customers in Kansas and Missouri.

Photo: Evergy

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