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Get hands-on training as an urban farmer

If you’d like to learn what it takes to be an urban farmer, check out the Growing Growers Apprenticeship Program. Many local urban growers have gone through the program to get hands-on experience from seasoned farmers.

Apprentices learn about soil health, growing from seed to harvest, and selling through farmers’ markets, restaurants and community supported agriculture programs. They work either full-time or part time on a working farm, attend workshops on key farming topics, receive resource books, and get support from three university extension programs and other partner organizations.

To apply for the program, go to Growing Growers. The application deadline is Friday, March 10. The workshops run from March 27 through September 25.

Growing Growers is a collaborative effort of K-State Research and Extension, University of Missouri Extension, Lincoln University Cooperative Extension, the Kansas City Food Circle, Cultivate KC and the Kansas Rural Center.

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