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Get outside to hike, bike or play

Even in a time of shutdowns and social distancing, there are still plenty of opportunities to get outside, breathe fresh air and enjoy the natural world.

You can take a hike, walk, bike or play at 221 parks in Kansas City, MO. Even though community centers are closed, the parks are still open. Find one near you, or try something new at Kansas City Parks. Find an additional 43 parks in Wyandotte County, KS.

If you’re up for a bigger adventure, look for hiking areas at state parks through the Missouri Department of Conservation or the Kansas Wildlife, Parks & Tourism. At this time, national parks are still open and can be found at National Park Service.

It’s advisable to check websites for any current closure information. And if you can go, be prepared with water bottles, hand sanitizer and snacks for the kids – and keep your distance from others.

Photo: Kansas City Parks & Recreation

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