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Green tip of the week: Do you know the shelf life of your food?

Americans waste almost as much food as they eat. More than 40 percent of food that is grown, processed, packaged and shipped ends up uneaten, and in many cases dumped in the landfill, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Greenability looked into the problem of food waste and found 10 ways to reduce and get the most out of our food. Do you know the shelf life of your food?  We discovered that some foods can be eaten past the expiration date.

Just because a food item is past the expiration date doesn’t necessarily mean it’s unsafe to eat. Often, some types of shelf-stable foods are safe to consume well past the date. The Food Keeper is a program developed by the Food Marketing Institute and Cornell University Institute of Food Science, Cornell Cooperative Extension. This guide provides proper food storage information and recommendations for the shelf life of many food items, including frozen foods, fresh dairy and meat, canned vegetables, cereal, coffee, condiments and drinks.

Download The Food Keeper guide here and learn how to reduce waste by eating what you buy and getting smart about expiration dates and food safety.


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