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Green tip of the week: Repurpose magazines into holiday bows

Wrapping presents for the holidays can involve a lot of non-recyclable paper, ribbons and more. Here at Greenability, we turned our old magazine covers into festive bows. Plus, the bows can now be recycled.

It’s easy to get creative with wrapping and repurpose old magazines into bows to top your presents.We found instructions from




  1. Cut a magazine page lengthwise into 9 strips, 3/4″ wide.
  2. Leave 3 of the strips the full length of the page.
  3. Cut 1″ off 3 of the strips.
  4. Cut 2″ off 2 of the strips.
  5. Cut the last strip down to 3 1/2″ long.


Twist each strip to form a loop at both ends and staple, tape or glue it in the center. Shape the last, short strip into a circle and secure it with a glue dot.


Layer the 3 longest pieces on top of each other, spacing them evenly and securing each with a glue dot. Add the next two groups of pieces, doing the same. Finish it off by gluing the final loop into the center.

View all the instructions at

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