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Green Tip of the Week: Vinegar as cleaning staple

Beyond baking, vinegar is a powerful substance with potential to clean every inch of your home in a safe & cost-effective way.

White distilled vinegar is as a household cleanser that can be used for many cleaning projects. It is effective for killing bacteria and germs because of its level of acidity and it is a safer alternative to avoid or use less harsh chemicals.

It can be used to clean stains, windows, wood, for odors, to remove stickers, keep away ants, clean a clogged drain and more.

Vinegar will clean out deposits that are clogging your steam iron and coffeemaker. A cup of vinegar will also clean your washing machine. Just pour in a cup and run it through the regular cycle by itself (do not run it with clothes).

Greenability found a list of 1001 uses for vinegar at and we have been inspired to clean with vinegar. Try this simple green tip of the week and use vinegar beyond baking.

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