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Heartland Tree Alliance to Hang Tree Tags to Celebrate Arbor Day

Heartland Tree Alliance (HTA) and its community partners will be hanging tree tags during the month of April in celebration of Arbor Day.

What is a tree tag? They are large labels printed with the annual, estimated cumulative dollar value created by a single tree. The dollar values were calculated using the U.S. Forest Service’s i-Tree Streets software, which calculates the benefits based on a tree’s species, diameter, the land use the tree is closest to, and its location in the U.S. The benefits include energy savings, property value enhancement, carbon dioxide sequestration, storm water retention and air quality.

Tree Tags are expected to pop up in cities all over the region, including Belton; Fairway; Gladstone; Independence; Kansas City, Mo.; Leawood; Liberty; Mission; Overland Park; Parkville; Raytown; and Westwood. The tags encourage people to think about the important role urban trees have in making our communities healthy.

Arbor Day is an annual holiday that celebrates the role of trees in people’s lives and promotes tree planting and care. National Arbor Day is celebrated the last Friday in April, and each state celebrates Arbor Day on a date that is appropriate for tree-planting in that region. Missouri celebrates Arbor Day the first Friday in April. Kansas celebrates Arbor Day the last Friday in April.

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