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Help keep hazardous waste from landfill

When Olathe, KS residents drop off hazardous waste products for recycling, the ReUse Center works to keep them out of the landfill by making reusable items available to Johnson County residents.

Shoppers can find household cleaners, paint, stain, disinfectant, antifreeze, brake fluid, aerosol sprays and more. For a complete list of available products, visit the ReUse Facility, 1426 S. Robinson Road, Olathe, KS.

The facility has been closed due to COVID-19, but reopened in early August with safety restrictions. Hours are limited to 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. weekdays. Only four shoppers are allowed in the facility at a time and all must wear face masks.

To learn more about dropping off household hazardous waste for reuse, visit Household Hazardous Waste.

Photo: Ann Dabney / CC


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