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Help save the endangered red wolf

The American Wolf Foundation, which is based in Kansas City, is seeking candidates for its board of directors and advisory board to help protect the endangered American red wolf.

The new foundation was founded in March 2028 by Rachel Guthrie, a Kansas City attorney and environmentalist. The foundation has an immediate goal of supporting the critically endangered American red wolf and a long-term goal of building an endowment fund to support threatened and endangered American wolves and other canids nationwide.

“I have always had a passion for endangered species and carnivores, and because the critically endangered American red wolf, native to Missouri, is in crisis, and facing a second extinction in the wild, I decided I had to join the efforts to save this American icon,” said Guthrie.

The red wolf is considered the world’s most endangered subspecies of wolf with fewer than 30 red wolves in the wild nationwide, according to the Red Wolf Coalition. In June, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced a plan to restrict wild red wolves to federal lands in just one northeastern North Carolina county. The proposed rule would also eliminate protections for wolves that roam on to private lands.

The foundation is seeking candidates for its board of directors and advisory board and is specifically interested in those with experience in non-profit management, finance, development, grant writing and organizational skills.

For more information, visit American Wolf Foundation or contact Guthrie at 817-873-1787 or [email protected].

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