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How to: Charge your EV faster & save hundreds on home charging

If you own, lease, or plan to get an electric vehicle (EV) soon, you could qualify for up to $500 in rebates to install faster EV charging that could also save money on your energy bill.

Evergy customers in Missouri and Kansas can qualify for the EV Charging Rebate when installing faster Level 2 charging with a 240-volt outlet or hardwired charging station.

The upgraded charging will fuel an EV about five times faster than standard charging. For example, Level 1 charging can take eight hours to fuel 40 miles of range compared to 1.5 hours for Level 2 charging.

In addition to the rebates, customers could save on energy costs because the 240-volt Level 2 charging is up to 15% more energy efficient than a standard 110-volt plug, according to Evergy.

Charge While You Sleep

Scheduling your charge overnight also helps reduce utility costs and ensures your vehicle is ready to drive the next morning.

If you are on Evergy’s Time of Use plan, you can access even more savings when you schedule charging to begin after 8 pm, when rates are cheaper.

Between 8 pm and 6 am is also a good time to tap into more renewable energy – when wind energy is at its highest use on the grid.

Explore more benefits and how to qualify for EV charging savings at

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