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Join the Green Commute Challenge

Hop the bus, carpool, bike, walk or telecommute to work this summer and help Kansas City improve its air quality during the highest ozone time of the year. Join others and compete for the most-diverted car miles in the 2015 Green Commute Challenge.

IMG_6882_WEEKLYThe competition encourages local work places to form a team and get employees to help take cars off the roads by using alternative transportation for their daily commutes.

This year, the Green Commute Challenge will be held from June 1 to August 28. To get started, help your company create a Green Commute Challenge Team and compete against other organizations to drive less. Register teams at

Participating commuters will be able to access an online tool to track activities that reduced driving miles and earn points that can qualify them for daily and monthly prizes.

Last year, participants reduced their driving by 528,202 miles, prevented 393,723 pounds of ozone-forming emissions and saved $101,387 in fuel costs.

To register or join a company team, contact the Mid-America Regional Council at or call 816-842-7433 for more information.

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