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Kansas City plans for all-electric fleet

The city of Kansas City, MO announced that it is committing to an all-electric fleet for new vehicle purchases as part of its’ pledge to be carbon neutral citywide by 2040.

“This is a big and bold step toward cleaner air, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and decreasing the city’s dependence on fossil fuels,” said Kansas City Manager Brian Platt. “We all want cleaner air in Kansas City and to reduce our impact on the planet for future generations.”

Platt signed the new policy, called an administrative regulation, to change the city’s vehicle purchasing policy to full-battery, all-electric vehicles where available.

Air pollution contributes to the high rate of asthma in the central city, so reducing gas emissions will make breathing easier for many residents. Additionally, increasing the use of electric vehicles will help the city achieve its climate protection goals.

“The municipal fleet produces approximately 15 percent of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions,” said Andy Savastino, the city’s chief environmental officer. “Electrification of our fleet is a necessary step to reach the city’s goal of carbon neutrality for municipal operations by 2030.”

The City of Kansas City currently has about 15 electric vehicles in its fleet.

Kansas City has pledged to be climate neutral, equity-focused and resilient citywide by 2040. Go to KC Climate Protection & Resiliency Plan to learn more about the planning process and share your ideas on electric vehicles and other strategies.

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