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KC partners offer $10,000 discount on all-electric, Nissan Leaf

To encourage Kansas City drivers to switch to electric vehicles, local partners have arranged for a group purchase program offering $10,000 discounts on the Nissan Leaf through the end of the year.

Metropolitan Energy Center (MEC), Nissan North America and KCP&L are working together to offer a new group purchase program for the all-electric LEAF sedan. Customers who buy a new 2016 or 2017 LEAF from participating dealers will receive a $10,000 discount on all trim lines. With a federal EV tax credit of up to $7,500, customers could purchase a new 2017 LEAF for $13,180, which is a discount of more than 50 percent off the list price.

The LEAF is one of many electric vehicle (EV) brands available in Kansas City today. With a range of up to 107 miles, the five-passenger hatchback has no tailpipe emissions and uses no gasoline. Using the included charger, an ordinary household outlet can fully charge it overnight. An optional fast charger installed in the garage can provide a full charge in less than four hours.

LEAF drivers can also use public charging at many business, shopping and entertainment locations. Kansas City has one of the largest car-charging networks in the country as a result of KCP&L’s investment in 1,000 public charging stations throughout the city through a Clean Charge Network. There are 15 high-speed charging stations where EV owners with an optional quick charge port can get an 80-percent charge in about 20 minutes. The Clean Charge Network is still free for all drivers.

“Kansas City has one of the strongest growth markets for EVs in the nation, and one of the best for EV drivers,” said Kelly Gilbert, MEC program director. “I’ve been driving electric for nearly two years, and I’m excited to bring attention to the drive electric options through this extraordinary EV ownership opportunity.”

Customers are required to have a copy of the program flier, which is available at MEC.  The website also has information on available vehicles, participating dealers and a place to sign up for a test drive.

To learn more about hosting a workplace ride-and-drive event or charging peer network, visit Kansas City Regional Clean Cities. For additional details, visit KCP&L or Nissan North America


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