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Learn about environmental journalism

InsideClimate News is launching a new Institute for Environmental Journalism and will offer a summer program for high school students and recent graduates.

Students will work with award-winning journalists who research and write about climate change, environmental justice and clean energy. InsideClimate News is a Pulitzer Prize award winning publication.

The three-week intensive program is scheduled for July 9 – 27 at St. Joseph’s College in the Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. Classes will be held 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. daily with an emphasis on reporting, writing and experiential learning.

Students will learn how to write an original story, develop sources, the scientific process, climate science, clean energy technology and media literacy. Students will spend afternoons reporting and writing their stories. Field trips are planned at an environmental Superfund site and scientific lab.

“The Institute is one piece of InsideClimate News’ mission to revive and embolden environmental journalism across the United States,” said Beth Daley, director of the Institute for Environmental Journalism and ICN’s Director of Strategic Development. “Students today will be the journalists of tomorrow, and we want to teach them to witness, question and communicate some of the world’s most profound challenges. Even if they do not become journalists, we know the Institute will provide a solid foundation for them to be vibrant participants in our democracy.”
For more information on the program, tuition and scholarships, go to the Institute for Environmental Journalism.

Photo: St. Joseph’s College, Brooklyn, NY



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