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Learn how the Smart Grid works

You may have heard the term “Smart Grid,” but would you like to know what it does and how it will encourage more renewable energy?

Kristen Cowan, an energy solutions manager at Milbank, will explain this advanced energy technology at a presentation Thursday, August 4 at Village Presbyterian Church.

Since the days of Thomas Edison, the grid did not change much until the 21st century with the increase of renewable energy installations. Now, energy is generated by power companies and by customers’ renewable energy systems that feed energy back to the grid using net-metering systems.

Cowan works with Milbank to bring new technologies to market. Milbank now has several grid technologies that will encourage more renewable energy and make the grid more sustainable and reliable in the future. Cowan travels worldwide promoting micro-grid adoption by governments and utilities. She will discuss Milbank’s work in Ethiopia, South Africa, India, Canary Islands, and soon in Germany and Scotland.

Milbank is an international energy management company with products and services that manage power for the residential, commercial, industrial, utility, transportation and micro-grid sectors. Milbank developed SynapSuite, a patented smart technology for managing and optimizing distributed energy and efficiency of micro-grid components.  

This free event is sponsored by Sustainable Sanctuary Coalition, Heartland Renewable Energy Society, True Blue Women, KC Climate Coalition and Village Presbyterian Church Environmental Action Committee from 7 to 8:30 p.m., Thursday, August 4 at Village Presbyterian Church, 6641 Mission Road, Prairie Village, KS.


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