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Liberate your lawn with an edible garden

Food Not Lawns Kansas City has been active for eight years and hosts the Edible Nation Tour in June with the Lawn Liberation Workshop.

Here’s a video about the Edible Nation Tour:


The Food Not Lawns movement challenges individuals and communities to strive to change the societal norm of monoculture lawns in favor of productive, sustainable food systems in residential yards.

“What it’s really about is value change for survival,” says Steve Mann, convener for Food Not Lawns Kansas City Collaborative. “Lawns have a certain value in our culture, and we have to change that because they are such an environmental issue.”

Participants will also learn about free resources for gardeners, including where to find free mulch, recycle yard debris and get community expertise from experienced members on edible landscapes.

For more information and to register for the workshop, visit and

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