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Need to recycle household hazardous waste?

If you’ve been stockpiling old paint cans, motor oil, batteries or chemicals, load them up for a safe disposal at one of these free, household hazardous waste events.

The Mid-America Regional Council Solid Waste Management District will host five mobile events to collect household hazardous waste for residents of 34 participating communities in Cass, Clay, Jackson, Platte and Ray counties. The goal is to keep dangerous chemicals and products out of the water and landfill to help protect the environment.

Common household hazardous products include paint, paint strippers, varnishes, adhesives and glues, hobby supplies, batteries, motor oil, compact fluorescent light bulbs, antifreeze, lawn and garden chemicals, and pesticides. The chemicals in these products can poison, corrode, explode, or ignite easily when handled improperly. Because of these hazardous qualities, household hazardous waste should never be thrown out with regular trash.

To find an event in cities nationwide, search the Earth 911 database by zip code for an event or facility near you, or check the Environmental Protection Agency state listing of hazardous waste programs.

In the Kansas City metro area, these events are free to participating communities:


Smithville Hazardous Waste Collection Event

8 a.m. – Noon, Saturday, September 11

Smithville High School, 645 S. Commercial, Smithville, MO


Richmond Hazardous Waste Collection Event

8 a.m. – Noon, Saturday, September 25

Richmond City Hall, 205 Summit St., Richmond, MO


Jackson County/Grain Valley Hazardous Waste Collection Event

8 a.m. – Noon, Saturday, October 2

Jackson County Public Works, 34900 E. Old U.S. 40 Highway, Oak Grove, MO


Raymore/Belton Hazardous Waste Collection Event

8 a.m. – Noon, Saturday, October 30

Eagle Glen Elementary School, 100 S. Foxridge Drive, Raymore, MO


Kearney Hazardous Waste Collection Event

8 a.m. – Noon, Saturday, November 13

Mach Porter Park, 1001 N. MO Highway 33, Kearney, MO

Find additional Information on using the Household Hazardous Waste facilities in Kansas City and Lee’s Summit at Residents of non-participating communities may use the Lee’s Summit facility for a fee.

Photo: Mid-America Regional Council

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Helen Hulfeld
Helen Hulfeld
2 years ago

So happy to see these events in our Metro area. Last Thurs. morning I waited in line 2 hours at Deramus for KCMO drop off. I wonder why the limit of just 3 days per week, and why does it take so long for each car or truck?
A few years ago i dropped off a couple paint cans at my local Gladstone event in a park and it took literally one minute.

Jim Fitzpatrick
2 years ago
Reply to  Helen Hulfeld

I didn’t realize Deramus was down to three days a week. That needs to change. I’ve never had to wait more than about 10 minutes. I wouldn’t wait two hours, and no one should have to.

Brooke Givens
2 years ago


I work for KC Water, the City department that runs the Deramus location and wanted to provide some information on why you and others are having to wait.

Since the start of the pandemic last year, we’ve experienced record numbers of people using the facility and the numbers really haven’t dropped off. While we absolutely appreciate people properly disposing of household hazardous waste materials, the flip side is that means a longer line.

Another reason is the COVID protocols necessary to keep employees and customers safe. This affects how quickly we can get people through. We also have to complete a report for each load including the amount of material and where it came from.

As for how many days the facility is open, it operates 5-days a week. It’s closed Sunday and Monday. Tuesday is for processing, packing, and shipping collected materials. Our permit allows us to store only so much on site. Also, space. It isn’t large enough to keep up with demand. Wednesday is also for processing, packing, and shipping. In 2018 we added appointments for large loads to Wednesdays to help keep lines moving when the public arrives Thursday – Saturday.

I’ve been out there a couple of times in the past year. Once the line was long. Another time the line was short.

We understand the wait is inconvenient and we appreciate everyone’s patience as we work to keep up with demand.

Jeff Carbine
2 years ago

You got my attention when you said that if you’ve been stockpiling old paint cans, motor oil, batteries, or chemicals, load them up for safe disposal at one of these free, household hazardous waste events. Our business produces hazardous waste, and we need any hazardous waste disposal agency to pick up our waste products for a healthy environment. Thanks for giving us an idea of the importance of hazardous waste disposal for the environment.

2 years ago

Household hazardous waste can be very dangerous. It can cause severe burns, or breathing problems if inhaled.

1 year ago

Household hazardous waste is waste that should not be disposed of in a landfill. It is hazardous because it is potentially harmful to human health, animals, and the environment.