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Olathe launches food compost program

Residents in Olathe, KS can now compost food scraps with a new food waste program. With the free drop-off service, households can help transform food waste into nutrient-rich compost.

After a pilot program this spring, it officially launched to the public this month.

The food waste drop-off site is located at the Olathe Community Recycling Center.


Olathe’s new food waste program launched this May. Photo by the City of Olathe.

Households can compost meat, bones, eggs, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, bread, pasta, and coffee grounds. The food waste can be collected in compostable bags or other durable containers.

Items that won’t be accepted include plastics, oil, grease, food packaging, liquids, coffee cups, and pet waste.

The food waste will be picked up and composted locally by Missouri Organic Recycling.

Missouri Organic Recycling collects food and yard waste across the metro, and transforms it into compost. The finished compost can be purchased at their locations, and used on lawn and gardens.

The program is open to all Olathe, KS residents and users will be asked to present a photo ID to prove residency.

The Olathe Community Recycling Center is located at 1100 N. Hedge Lane in Olathe, KS.

To learn more, visit


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