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Online “MindMixer” give community a voice on environmental issues

Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) has partnered with MindMixer, a web-based platform, to empowering citizens to engage with government in new and meaningful ways. MindMixer provides community members with a forum for discussing relevant topics, voting on and prioritizing issues, sharing ideas, and proposing solutions without leaving the comfort of home or workplace.

MARC currently operates two MindMixer sites – MARCKCVoices and Creating Sustainable Places. MARCKCVoices serves as an online town hall covering a variety of issues that affect the bi-state Kansas City region, such as transportation, development, energy conservation, and environmental issues. For example, the site invites idea submissions for locations within the Kansas City area that would be ideal for redevelopment, which includes an interactive map. The Creating Sustainable Places MindMixer site aims to develop a shared vision for a more sustainable region and invites ideas related to sustainability, land use, and future development of specific corridors throughout the region.

The feedback garnered through MARC’s MindMixer sites will be shared directly with MARC’s staff and board of directors, who are able to provide comments back to community members about their ideas and keep the conversation going.

MARC’s partnership with MindMixer will be featured on the next episode of Imagine KC, which will air on KCPT at 9 p.m., Nov 8.

Community members can to go to to sign-up for free and join the conversation.

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