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Orange EV builds first electric trucks

Orange EV, a Kansas City based manufacturer of industrial strength electric vehicles (EVs), announced its first T-Series zero-emission, electric terminal truck is headed off the assembly line to be used by a manufacturing and distribution facility in Chicago, IL.

“The market is clearly ready for zero-emission electric trucks and Orange EV is the only firm with a zero-emission, plug-in terminal truck solution proven to do what customers need,” said Mike Saxton, Orange EV’s chief commercial officer.

Terminal trucks serve a critical role helping streamline freight logistics. They are known by many names like: hostler, spotter, tractor, yard truck and more. Terminal trucks typically travel on-site, but are also used on city streets to travel to nearby facilities.

Orange EV customer reports its onsite trials with national brand leaders showed that Orange EV’s electric terminal trucks can reliably do the job of current diesel trucks while delivering greater environmental and financial value. The T-Series has shown in typical applications that it can work for up to 24 hours on a single charge.

According to Orange EV, the T-Series gives customers an easier, lower-cost way to begin their migration to electric trucks. In producing the T-Series, Orange EV completely remanufactures existing trucks and delivers to operators “a new truck they already know.” This approach minimizes the change companies must manage as they begin deploying electric trucks.

In the future, customers could also buy new trucks offered through Orange EV’s new collaboration with Kalmar Ottawa’s diesel terminal trucks.

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