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Pledge to eat locally this holiday season

When the outside temperature takes a dive, finding locally grown food is an especially nice culinary treat. This holiday season, take the Eat Local Pledge and eat healthier, support the local farming economy and promote sustainable growing practices by reducing your food miles.

The Greater Kansas City Food Policy Coalition asks that Kansas Citians pledge to serve just one locally grown or raised food at a holiday celebration this year. When you take the pledge at, you will receive a buy-one-entrée-get-one-free coupon from Chipotle and be entered in a random drawing for one of five local grocery gift cards. An interactive local food map will help you find farmers markets, meat purveyors, grocery stores and restaurants that are selling or serving locally grown and raised food in your immediate area.

5 Reasons to Eat Local for the Holidays

  1. Farmers markets and CSA (community-supported agriculture) programs put you face-to-face with farmers. You can talk with them directly to learn when the food was harvested and how it was grown.
  2. Local farmers tend to grow different varieties of our favorite foods or other fruits and vegetables that grow more regionally and may not be available in our supermarkets. This allows for a wider variety of fruits and vegetables, leading to a more nutritious diet.
  3. A strong local food system lets you put your money into your own community, creating more stability for everyone.
  4. Local growers are more likely to limit their use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Instead, they rely on growing management methods, like crop rotation, composting and biological controls, to ensure a healthy harvest.
  5. Locally raised products travel shorter distances to your plate, which reduces energy consumption.
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