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How do you recycle glass?

Most glass can be recycled an endless number of times. And unlike plastic, glass is 100% recyclable. What types of glass can be recycled? How do you recycle glass correctly?

Here are the latest recycling tips from Ripple Glass, the metro’s glass recycler dedicated to keeping glass out of the landfill and giving it a second life.

Where can glass be recycled?

Glass it not accepted in your regular curbside recycling pickup because it breaks easily and contaminates other recyclables.

Glass is recyclable at Ripple Glass recycling drop-off bins. Bins are now located in nine states including Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Illinois, and Iowa. In Kansas City, bins are easily accessible near neighborhoods, grocery stores, and shopping centers.

To find a collection bin near you, type you zip code into the Ripple Glass Where to Recycle directory.

If you are interested in curbside glass recycling, there are local companies you can hire. Ripple-certified residential curbside partners include Atlas Glass, Crush Glass, Dapper Glass, Food Cycle KC, and Wright Brothers Curbside Glass.

What glass can be recycled?
  • Glass food and beverage containers such as beer bottles or pasta jars. For these items, all colors of glass are accepted and the labels can stay on. Unlike plastic recycling where you need to rinse your containers, with glass you can skip rinsing and save the water. Plus, you can keep the metal lids on the jars. Ripple Glass uses heavy-duty magnets to collect the lids and recycle them.
  • Drinking vessels such as wine glasses or mason jars
  • Candles jars can be recycled with the labels kept on and leftover wax inside
  • Glass cosmetic bottles
  • Home items such as glass windows, shower doors, and tabletops. These items should be free from frames and hardware. To recycle these at a purple bin, make sure they fit in the 3’x3′ windows. Laminated glass such as windshields or safety glass is not accepted.

If your household or business is new to glass recycling, Ripple Glass has a recycling guide you can print and post on the fridge with helpful pictures and tips.

How is the glass recycled?

The glass gets processed at its facility in Kansas City, MO. The material gets cleaned and crushed into a material called cullet. It is then transformed into new products like beer bottles, fiberglass insulation, countertops, and flooring.

Ripple Glass works with local and regional partners to recycle the glass when possible. Owens Corning uses recycled glass to manufacture fiberglass insulation. Ardagh, in Tulsa, OK, creates new beer bottles used by Boulevard Brewing Company.

Can businesses recycle glass?

Ripple Glass does offer commercial glass pickup for restaurants, bars, venues, businesses, and multi-family residences.

You can find participating businesses on the map.


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