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Save energy with free smart thermostat

Missouri Evergy customers can receive a free smart thermostat when they sign up for a program to help save on energy bills.

To qualify, residential Evergy customers sign up for the Evergy Thermostat Program to help manage and save energy. Smart thermostats are connected to Wi-Fi to allow customers to manage energy use and adjust their home temperature from remote locations. As part of the program, customers agree to save energy during a few peak use times from June 1 and September 30. However, customers can always set their thermostat for their needs.

The free thermostats include Google Nest, which retails for $145 and ecobee3 lite, which retails for $169. Evergy also offers the Google Nest Learning Thermostat for $50, instead of the $359 retail price and the ecobee Smart for $75, discounted from the $249 retail price.

After the first year in the Evergy Thermostat Program, customers receive a $25 check annually. There are options for DIY and professional installation, and customers can also sign up for the Evergy Thermostat Program if they already use an ecobee or Google Nest thermostat. To learn more, go to Evergy.

Photo: Google Nest

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