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Solar panel partnership supports KU

An energy-efficient and highly visible educational tool is the latest addition to a state-of-the-art research building at the University of Kansas School of Engineering.

Cromwell Solar of Lawrence installed solar panels on the roof in mid-July, and the system was scheduled to be fully operational by the end of July. The arrangement of the panels also serves as a greeting of sorts to campus – they form the letters KU.

Westar Energy provided a $48,473 grant to KU to install the 10-kilowatt solar array on the roof of the Measurement Materials and Sustainable Environment Center (M2SEC). George Werth, campus energy engineer; Jeff Severin, sustainability director, and Paul Graves, deputy director of design & construction management, prepared the grant application.

The project at KU was one of 15 in the state that won funding as part of Westar Energy’s Solar Photovoltaic Project. The panels will also be available for faculty and student research.

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