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Spring butterfly exhibit at Powell Gardens

Powell Gardens is hosting Out of the Blue, a spring butterfly exhibit featuring the Blue Morpho butterfly from Costa Rica. The exhibit will held March 7-31.

Best known for their sparkling iridescent blue wings and flashy flight patterns, the Blue Morphos come from El Bosque Nuevo, a Costa Rican butterfly farm that uses 100 percent of its proceeds for reforestation, rainforest conservation and research.

The rainforest theme in the conservatory lends itself to a full display of tropical plants in Powell Gardens’ collection—which includes orchids, begonias and more.

The exhibit will include hands-on learning about rainforest and butterfly conservation both locally and around the world.

Special weekend events include March 7-8: Why Rainforests Matter, March 14-15: Where Tech and Nature Meet, March 21-22: Local Flying Gems & March 28-29: Rainforest Adaptations & More.

Catch a free ride from Kansas City on a shuttle to the gardens. Reserve a seat on a shuttle from the Kauffman Memorial Garden on March 14 or 15. See the schedule and sign up at

For more information about the exhibit, visit Powell Gardens.

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